Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

I wanted a few things for Christmas, but the main thing was peace and harmony on Christmas Day.

Over the past 10 years, my family has become more and more dysfunctional. Not my parents, but my extended family. We used to be super close, but then some super important stuff got between us...not. Mostly it was crap with less significance than the gum under your chair. That happens, I guess. So as a result, holidays are more stressful and tense than they should be. Christmas is awkward. I prayed that just this once, things would be something resembling normal.

I got my wish.

Aunt Donna kept singing Beyonce (which was bizarre in and of itself), Nicholas stayed cheerful the whole day and helped everyone open presents, and everyone was happy in general. It was the most perfect day.


Monday, December 21, 2009

the most wonderfully-tasting time of the year

4 days until Christmas, 12 days until Caro and I leave for WDW!

Excitement is in the air.

Whenever I'm in a good mood, or simply bored, I like to be in the kitchen. I like cooking, but I love baking. The other day I made a chocolate cream pie for my boss's birthday, and I tried a homemade crust for the first time. Dude. I'm never buying the premade kind again. (I probably will....if I get lazy...but I shouldn't, because homemade rocks, and it's easier than it looks.)

Then I made three coconut creams for my dad's friends, because they always fix my car. I made the biggest mess ever making these pies, because I don't clean the kitchen as I go, but it was so worth it.

For Christmas Day, I'm thinking of trying out fondant for the first time, in the form of a bow, on top of a red velvet square cake with white buttercream. So it'll look like a cute gift box!

Kind of like that, but with the colors inverted. And I want a bigger bow!
There isn't much quite as satisfying as holiday baking.
xoxo and merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

breaking news in the DIS world :[

Roy E. Disney, son of Roy O. Disney and nephew to Walt, died this morning at the age of 79. He'd been battling cancer for a while. It's strange because yesterday was the 43rd anniversary of Walt's death, also from cancer.

Roy Jr. was underestimated by many people. Many people don't know who he is because he wasn't one of the "original" Disney brothers, but I remember seeing him on the Disney channel before movies played when I was a little girl. He was proud of his surname, and poured his heart and soul into the company even after the death of his dad.

During the later years of Walt's life, there was constant tension between him and his brother; many sided with them, calling themselves Team Walt or Team Roy (sound familiar)? Walt was the dreamer, never practical, and Roy was strictly business, constantly worrying about his brother's lack of care with financial matters. They made two parts of the whole, and they were both necessary for Walt Disney Productions and the legacy that followed. Roy Jr. took the best of both worlds and continued the Disney dynasty, saving it from financial crisis in the 80s when the company was nearly bought by the formidable stockbroker Saul Steinburg.

Roy ensured that Disney movies and parks remain true to his uncle's vision. There was a slump in the 70s and 80s when the Disney movies that were being made - to be blunt - sucked, at least for the most part. Roy brought in new management, who breathed new life into the company. The results were classics such as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, favorites of the 90s.

I fear for the company's future now without the last Disney man guarding the empire. What's to become of the pixie dust?

DISers will never forget him...may he rest in peace.

Roy Edward Disney, January 10, 1030 - December 16, 2009

Sources: Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler;
Storming the Magic Kingdom by John Taylor

Saturday, December 5, 2009

dear santa,

This is what I would want for Christmas if the world were perfect.
Note: not in any specific order.

1. ALL A'S. I think this speaks for itself.

2. Respect for life. Love for all babies, everywhere.

Did you swoon when you looked at that baby? So adorable.

3. A library like Belle's.

Yeah. English major's ultimate dream.

4. For everyone to laugh like this, every day.

5. Pick one, Santa:
Disney annual pass;
all the music from the parks straight to my iTunes;
or a membership to Club 33.

Oh, for anyone who likes Disney music...go here. You will be astonished.
And if you don't like Disney music, go there. You might change your mind.

Good luck if you've got finals this week, everyone.
And shout out to Ms. Kelly. She has her birthday the day after Walt Disney had his, isn't that special?

Monday, November 30, 2009

true confessions

I'm more afraid of growing up than anyone you've ever met.

If I could freeze time I'd be content.

But if that happened I'd never grow.

It's a conundrum I struggle with every day.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

and the greatest of these is love.

Above all, I'm thankful for this:

What an inexplicably incredible thing that He died for me. Every time I receive the Eucharist, I repeat to myself the lyrics of a favorite song, "You Are My King (Amazing Love)" by the Newsboys:

"I'm forgive, because You were forsaken
I'm accepted; You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me,
Because You died and rose again.
Amazing love, how can it be that You my King should die for me?
Amazing love, I know it's true, and it's my joy to honor You
In all I do, I honor You.
You are my King. Jesus, You are my King."

That about sums it up right there. How freaking amazing. And there is no greater sacrifice or more perfect example of love.

As November comes to a close and the Advent season begins, Christmas carols and hymns seem to fill the air everywhere I go. Today I've been pondering the lyrics of the very famous "Mary Did You Know?" It was written by Mark Lowry, who is actually Protestant. It was bothering me because of the line "This child that you've delivered/Will soon deliver you."

Hang on...Mary doesn't need to be saved, right? As a Catholic, I believe that in the Immaculate Conception - that she was born without original sin. As it turns out, after a quick Google search I found that this is actually a commonly-addressed issue within the Catholic community.

I found that the issue was brought up on several websites, including this blog.

I found this particular comment to be enlightening:

"While the song is written from a Protestant standpoint and the future tense gives us pause as Catholics, it is important to remember that God is not bound by time and that it was the (Incarnation,) Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ which gave Mary the grace to be conceived without original sin, not the other way around. Yes, this is a paradox, but it is important to remember.

As to whether Mary knew that Christ was the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, it doesn't seem that the Lucan text demonstrates this. The same goes for Christ as Sacrificial Lamb or High Priest.. Luke's Gospel dwells on messianic language, which did not necessarily carry the high Christological attachments that Christians found to be implicitly contained within them after the resurrection of Christ. In fact, a Jew of the time would not have expected the Messiah (Christ) to be "Heaven's perfect Lamb" or "The Great I AM." Inflated titles like "Son of God" were regularly employed in the coronation rites of Jewish kings and part of the Davidic and messianic traditions, but they were not understood as ascribing divinity to the king.

Could Mary have been given this knowledge, given her unique role and relationship? I don't see why not. But the Lucan text itself doesn't seem to indicate that she must have known this."

Wowsa. Well, that makes sense! God is not bound by time. And of course she knew at the time that she was to be the mother of the Son of God, but she had no idea what that role would entail. She was so incredibly humble.

Anyway, I really hope I don't sound too preachy. It was just something on my mind, and I feel a lot better after reading this - I can listen to the beautiful "Mary Did You Know?" in peace. Hopefully it helps someone out there resolve the same questions I had.

Goodnight, everyone, and good luck with finals!

Friday, November 27, 2009

i'm thankful for computers...


Thanksgiving was swell. Hoping yours was fabulous as well. :]


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?

Haha, DUH! I forgot to include this in my other post, but it kinda deserves its own.

In case you aren't obsessed with Disney and therefore aren't aware of Important Disney Dates, TODAY IS MICKEY MOUSE'S 81ST BIRTHDAY!

See, technically he was first featured in the cartoon short "Plane Crazy" in March of 1928, but for some reason the Walt Disney Company has declared "Steamboat Willie" to be his first official cartoon. "Steamboat Willie" premiered on November 18th of that year, so that's when we celebrate his birthday!

So spread some pixie dust in honor of the Big Cheese. :]

biological headache

This week has been a particularly hideous breed of awful. I have done a ridiculous amount of griping this week. (Sorry, guys - especially if you follow me on Twitter.)

But something happened today that made my week much, much better.

No, my dad didn't surprise me with a new car.

(Although I totally caught him looking at little models of Mini Coopers on Did I tell you that? He's gonna give me one of those just to be smart alek!)

I did not win the lottery, or get a story published on MLIA, or meet someone from England. However, something equally awesome happened.

I got a C on my bio exam.

What? I'm comparing a stupid C on an exam with the lottery? Um, yes. When it comes to math and science, I may as well be brain-dead. Yet we English majors must for some inexplicable reason take 2 maths and 3 sciences. Yeah. Never made sense to me either.

So for me to make a C in bio...well, that's equivalent to an A in English.

That's what I'm thankful for today!

Monday, November 16, 2009

chitty chitty bang bang

Cars are pretty cool inventions. They have four wheels, usually, and they're good for getting us places. Sometimes they're even pretty.

My car is a navy blue 1996 Grand Marquis. He is affectionately called The Barge by family and friends, because he is big and blue and holds so much junk! That's why I love him. He might not be the cutest car in sight, but he accommodates my messy lifestyle.

However, since he is 13 years old, he is breaking down. Slowly, but surely. He has lots of miles from several trips to WDW and from my daily commute to school. Lately we've been replacing a couple parts per month. (My dad happens to be a mechanic, so thankfully it hasn't been as expensive as cars are for most people.) The Barge also frequently makes the Chitty-chitty-bang-bang sound. This part is actally kind of cool.

Today, I drove from school to work - and found I couldn't turn the car off. The darn ignition is broken! I could only sit there and laugh. I laughed for about five minutes, because it's just so typical. I feel bad for The Barge, because he does his best - he's just old and tired! Poor thing.

But he has been a very faithful car. I know soon it'll be time for a new one, and a big part of me will be sad to see him go to the big Junkyard in the Sky. I've found comfort in his soft plushy seats and obnoxiously enormous trunk since the tender age of 6. Our relationship is one that can never be broken!

I'm thankful to have him, despite his breaking body parts. After all, he still has 4 tires and is running! (Literally, he is running in the parking lot outside...)

Everyone have a great, safe, breakdown-free, accident-free week.

Monday, November 9, 2009

"well, a real mother, is the most wonderful person in the world."

Happy Monday, everyone. (This is me being optimistic.)

I blogged about fathers yesterday; today, mothers are in the spotlight. I am probably closer to my mom than anyone else in this world. She and I have kind of an odd relationship, I guess. We fight a lot. And we're just alike - we scream. You do not want to witness an argument between my mother and me; my parakeet cowers in his cage during those rows. Then, we retreat to our separate corners of the house for a couple hours to seethe and simmer down.

Of course, a couple hours later, it's like the fight never happened and everything's back to normal.

My dad usually stays out of our hair when we fight, probably because he knows it's best to just leave the catty girls to their own devices to sort it out.

There's a quote by Omer B. Washington that comes to mind:
"I've learned that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do."

My mom and I disagree on lots of things. And our tempers usually get the best of us. But we would go through fire for each other. Not that my dad and I aren't close, but my mom has always been the person who soothed me when I got teased at school; she's the one who knows without a word when I'm unhappy. She's been through most of this before and she understands better than most of my friends. Someday, when the adolescent years are over, she's going to be my best friend.

Even when we fight, I know how blessed I am to have a mother with her wisdom and understanding.

She named me after her mom, who died of cancer 37 years ago. From what I've heard, my grandmother Susie was an incredibly strong lady. My aunts tell me stories about her and I am filled with a vision of the Blessed Mother, because despite everything she endured in her short life, she was slow to anger and always full of love. I know she'd be proud of the lady my mom is, and I'd like to think she'd be proud of me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

thankful for november :]

Yeah, it's been a while. Forgive me; I'll try to do better next time.

It's now November, which in our country is a month dedicated to giving thanks. I've decided that each post I write this month will feature something for which I'm particularly thankful.

First up, fathers. They come in many different forms. Dads, priests, our Heavenly Father. And they all do their best to love and guide us.

Where would any of us be without God? And thankfully we have His shepherds on earth to help us when we become the lost sheep.

God is always there for us, and there is usually a priest with whom we are particularly close. But our own fathers can be a bit more complicated. Many of my friends' fathers are, for whatever reason, not actively present in their lives. I find this to be a great tragedy, because I see the pain in their eyes during occasions such as Father's Day and Christmas that should be solely happy times. I was blessed with a dad who has always been there for me and continues to support me today.

He's a funny man. Rather short and balding, but good-natured. Shy at first, but mischievous when around the people he knows best. He builds furniture for fun and he's obsessed with Mickey Premium ice cream bars from Walt Disney World. He particularly identifies with Goofy and he calls me his Belle.

I'm especially grateful for him because last year I almost lost him. After having chest pains he was rushed into an emergency triple-bypass surgery due to three extremely severe blockages in his artery. We were informed that he had basically been a ticking bomb ready to explode; if he'd overexerted himself and had a heart attack, it would certainly have been fatal.

By a miracle, the surgery was performed in time, and though his recovery was long and painful, he did indeed recover. Life is so fragile, and most of the time we forget that. I can never really forget what happened, because I watch him take his many medications every morning and watch my mother fret about his diet. But maybe it's a good thing...maybe I shouldn't forget.

I know it's by my Father's grace that my dad was saved. And I'm incredibly thankful to feel both of their love in my life.

What are you thankful for these days?

Monday, October 19, 2009


Life has been stressful lately. God's really testing me.

But no matter how hard things are, I am grateful every day for the fact that I am at LSU, surrounded by amazing people, with so much beauty in my life.

I'm especially grateful that I don't have to deal with C being at boarding school anymore. Long distance relationships are no joke.

I never realized how much stress last year actually came from struggling to make it work every day, when I probably only had about 5 minutes to talk to him on the phone. I admire the families of the military so much because it is so difficult to love from a distance.

But we overcame it.

Love and peace of Christ be with you tonight.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

slow down, you crazy child

It's been a while since I posted because midterms have had me frazzled.

I should be studying right now. Later on though I'm going watch a movie at a friend's apartment. :] I'm confident in this decision, however. Because this time last year, I felt kind of like this:

Which happens to be one of the worst feelings. Ever.

Now, I feel like this:

I thank God every day for my friends...the old and the new, the ones who know me inside out and the ones more like acquaintances, the ones who are near and the ones who are far. Because they are all amazing and they all accept me, for me. And I never feel alone.


Monday, October 5, 2009

spot the differences?

Attention, world: I just made Edward Cullen look exponentially hotter.

Lightning bolt scars are in this season. Y'all thank the Potter boy.

(By the way, Harry, wherever you are, I miss you terribly.)

And yes, this has been my second post today.

what will YOU celebrate?

I was pretty down earlier, because I made a B- on my English paper. It's the second paper of the semester, and it's my second B in the class. In English. Which, you know, is my major. Considering I'm horrible at pretty much every other subject, it's quite discouraging to be stumped in this class.

I griped about it on Facebook, and my lovely friends came to my rescue, as always. So, I'm determined to be cheerful the rest of the day.

Know what helps?

The fact that Caroline and I are going to my happy place in a mere 90 days.

Today, I am celebrating the fact that I am good at English, even if it isn't showing right now.

What will you celebrate?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Went to Lafayette today to visit the bff. :] It was pretty cool, except for the part where I'm currently riding on a spare tire and can't go over 60 mph, so everyone was angrily honking at me during the 70 mph stretch. Mehh. People need to chill out.

Anyway I basically listened to Disney music for an hour and a half straight. Came across this little beauty on my iPod, from the 1971 classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

"When you rush around in hopeless circles
Searching ev'rywhere for something true
You're at the age of not believing
When all the "make believe" is through

When you set aside your childhood heroes
And your dreams are lost up on a shelf
You're at the age of not believing
And worst of all you doubt yourself

You're a castaway where no one hears you
On a barren isle in a lonely sea
Where did all the happy endings go?
Where can all the good times be?

You must face the age of not believing
Doubting ev'rything you ever knew
Until at last you start believing
There's something wonderful...
Truly wonderful in you"

How sad. Age of not believing? I must've miraculously skipped that stage in life.

Also, I made this tonight:
Um, yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

Fall break will be over much too soon.


Monday, September 28, 2009

why is this week gonna be awesome?

It's short.

Fall break begins on Wednesday!

And despite the fact that it's Monday, I'm in a pretty awesome mood.

Why, you ask?

I made an A on my Spanish exam! :] Yes, the exam that was I was pretty sure I failed.


Everyone have a great week.

Friday, September 25, 2009

this week has been a stressful one

Things that made this week better:

Monday: Theology of the Body, which was created by this awesome guy right here.

my mother made gumbo. This is one of the GOOD things about living at home while going to college!

Wednesday: I finally bought Gregory Maguire's Wicked. When I was little, I was totally obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. I was Dorothy for Halloween, like, 4 times. When we went to Walt Disney World and saw the ruby slippers on display at the Great Movie Ride, I completely freaked out and tried to convince my parents to buy them for me. (Hah, right.) Anyway, I love anything having to do with Oz, and I'd seen posters for the musical but I've been wanting to read the book for a long time now. So, I am now, and it's great.

Thursday: I made a 94 on my sociology exam, and didn't even study. Much.

A little blurry, but whatever.

And Friday: TGIF!

Everyone have an awesome weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2009

does this blog post make me look fat?

See this boy?

Kinda scary, huh?

Anyway, that's Christian, pre-haircut. Obviously. That boy looks like a nerd in this picture, and that's because he absolutely is a nerd. But, he's pretty much the most awesome guy I know, for many reasons.

One of those reasons is because he has no idea why girls - namely, me - wake up with the Fats.

Oh, come on, girlies. You know what the Fats are. When you wake up and maybe you had too many cheesy fries or Oreos the night before, and the needle on the scale goes up a teeny fraction, and your jeans are just a little too tight. And you think, "OhmyGod, I'm fat."

Obviously, this is not rational. Most of us, when we have the Fats, are not fat at all. It's common knowledge that bodies come in all kinds of cool shapes and sizes, and just because the girl sitting next to me looks great awesome as a size 2 doesn't mean I would look cool as a size 2. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'd look downright weird as a size 2. Because I'm not.

But nevertheless, the Fats attack, just like Bad Hair Days and The World is Out to Get Me Days. And as I'm berating myself for eating that (albeit scrumptious) slice of cheesecake, Christian looks at me, totally confused, and goes:

"Baby, what is the matter with you? You're skinny and gorgeous and I love you the way you are anyway."

And those might be just words. But it's the way he looks at me that makes me remember that what he said was true.

Maybe that's why when I'm with him, I don't care quite as much if I stuff an extra brownie in my face.

And ya know what? He's right. (Also, I'm pretty sure Jesus agrees with him, which obviously seals the deal.)

Happy Monday, everyone.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

and the victory is mine

I have spent a ridiculous portion of my day messing with the html on here. I've had probably 20 or so blogs scattered throughout cyberspace and I just abandon them after a while because no one reads them. Haha. But I've never gotten the hang of html - I'm pretty technologically challenged.

But then, today I actually added a banner to my blog, which sounds simple, but wasn't for me. And I succeeded!


I went with Peter Pan because I'm pretty obsessed with Disney, obviously. And there are plenty of days when I feel like flying to Neverland so I don't have to grow up.

I'm searching for my Neverland, figuratively speaking. It's a place where everything is okay, all the time; a magical place where I feel good about who I am. Holly Golightly had a similar idea: Tiffany's was her happy place. Walt Disney World is my happy place, physically, and I think I can smell Neverland... I know the pixie dust will help.

That's it for now.

See ya real soon!

Friday, September 18, 2009 = obsession

Well, the Spanish homework eventually got done and now I'm sitting in the hall, waiting for class to start.

Yay, it's Friday. Fridays mean I can catch my breath, take my time doing my homework. I can go home, cook, read, finally watch that episode of Gossip Girl I taped Monday night.

I really want to go home and make this:
Coconut cake is my favorite thing ever, pretty much.

But instead, I'll probably go home and make this:

Just as yummy (well, almost) and better for me.

Mk, class about to start.

Everyone have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

hola, friendola

Sitting here at work, procrastinating Spanish homework.

Oh, Spanish. We used to be friends back in the good ol' days of high school, when I had Senorita Awesome for a teacher and we had mucho divertido. Now you just depress and confuse the heck outta me.

:[ Sad face.

Silver lining: I got 11 hours of credit from taking it in HS, so this is my last Spanish class everrrr!

Adios, amigos.

I am basically beasting through this semester. I should probably continue this awesomeness by being a good girl and going study.

Catch ya later!