Saturday, October 3, 2009


Went to Lafayette today to visit the bff. :] It was pretty cool, except for the part where I'm currently riding on a spare tire and can't go over 60 mph, so everyone was angrily honking at me during the 70 mph stretch. Mehh. People need to chill out.

Anyway I basically listened to Disney music for an hour and a half straight. Came across this little beauty on my iPod, from the 1971 classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

"When you rush around in hopeless circles
Searching ev'rywhere for something true
You're at the age of not believing
When all the "make believe" is through

When you set aside your childhood heroes
And your dreams are lost up on a shelf
You're at the age of not believing
And worst of all you doubt yourself

You're a castaway where no one hears you
On a barren isle in a lonely sea
Where did all the happy endings go?
Where can all the good times be?

You must face the age of not believing
Doubting ev'rything you ever knew
Until at last you start believing
There's something wonderful...
Truly wonderful in you"

How sad. Age of not believing? I must've miraculously skipped that stage in life.

Also, I made this tonight:
Um, yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

Fall break will be over much too soon.



  1. I too have managed to miss the age of not believing. We should go to Disney world together. I feel like you'd be the best Disney World partner ever!

  2. I went to Disney World with her! She IS the best Disney World partner! She knows everything about everything there!!

  3. It doesn't seem to be an age as an occasional setting-aside of my fun self. Not to be a downer, but I definitely set him aside quite a lot.

    Anyway, that stuff looks good ^up^ there. You should make me some sometime.

  4. Hey, T, do I know you in real life by any chance? :]

    And thanks Kelly! Good times, good times. I'm sure every time I ride Big Thunder Mountain I'll remember Carlos tickling me til I raise my arms!

    Yeah, C, well you study a lot, nothing wrong with that. And I made you brownies the other day. :p


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