Wednesday, November 18, 2009

biological headache

This week has been a particularly hideous breed of awful. I have done a ridiculous amount of griping this week. (Sorry, guys - especially if you follow me on Twitter.)

But something happened today that made my week much, much better.

No, my dad didn't surprise me with a new car.

(Although I totally caught him looking at little models of Mini Coopers on Did I tell you that? He's gonna give me one of those just to be smart alek!)

I did not win the lottery, or get a story published on MLIA, or meet someone from England. However, something equally awesome happened.

I got a C on my bio exam.

What? I'm comparing a stupid C on an exam with the lottery? Um, yes. When it comes to math and science, I may as well be brain-dead. Yet we English majors must for some inexplicable reason take 2 maths and 3 sciences. Yeah. Never made sense to me either.

So for me to make a C in bio...well, that's equivalent to an A in English.

That's what I'm thankful for today!

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