Sunday, November 8, 2009

thankful for november :]

Yeah, it's been a while. Forgive me; I'll try to do better next time.

It's now November, which in our country is a month dedicated to giving thanks. I've decided that each post I write this month will feature something for which I'm particularly thankful.

First up, fathers. They come in many different forms. Dads, priests, our Heavenly Father. And they all do their best to love and guide us.

Where would any of us be without God? And thankfully we have His shepherds on earth to help us when we become the lost sheep.

God is always there for us, and there is usually a priest with whom we are particularly close. But our own fathers can be a bit more complicated. Many of my friends' fathers are, for whatever reason, not actively present in their lives. I find this to be a great tragedy, because I see the pain in their eyes during occasions such as Father's Day and Christmas that should be solely happy times. I was blessed with a dad who has always been there for me and continues to support me today.

He's a funny man. Rather short and balding, but good-natured. Shy at first, but mischievous when around the people he knows best. He builds furniture for fun and he's obsessed with Mickey Premium ice cream bars from Walt Disney World. He particularly identifies with Goofy and he calls me his Belle.

I'm especially grateful for him because last year I almost lost him. After having chest pains he was rushed into an emergency triple-bypass surgery due to three extremely severe blockages in his artery. We were informed that he had basically been a ticking bomb ready to explode; if he'd overexerted himself and had a heart attack, it would certainly have been fatal.

By a miracle, the surgery was performed in time, and though his recovery was long and painful, he did indeed recover. Life is so fragile, and most of the time we forget that. I can never really forget what happened, because I watch him take his many medications every morning and watch my mother fret about his diet. But maybe it's a good thing...maybe I shouldn't forget.

I know it's by my Father's grace that my dad was saved. And I'm incredibly thankful to feel both of their love in my life.

What are you thankful for these days?

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  1. This post is wonderful! It reminds me to be thankful for all of the great people in my life. Thank you for sharing!


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