Monday, November 16, 2009

chitty chitty bang bang

Cars are pretty cool inventions. They have four wheels, usually, and they're good for getting us places. Sometimes they're even pretty.

My car is a navy blue 1996 Grand Marquis. He is affectionately called The Barge by family and friends, because he is big and blue and holds so much junk! That's why I love him. He might not be the cutest car in sight, but he accommodates my messy lifestyle.

However, since he is 13 years old, he is breaking down. Slowly, but surely. He has lots of miles from several trips to WDW and from my daily commute to school. Lately we've been replacing a couple parts per month. (My dad happens to be a mechanic, so thankfully it hasn't been as expensive as cars are for most people.) The Barge also frequently makes the Chitty-chitty-bang-bang sound. This part is actally kind of cool.

Today, I drove from school to work - and found I couldn't turn the car off. The darn ignition is broken! I could only sit there and laugh. I laughed for about five minutes, because it's just so typical. I feel bad for The Barge, because he does his best - he's just old and tired! Poor thing.

But he has been a very faithful car. I know soon it'll be time for a new one, and a big part of me will be sad to see him go to the big Junkyard in the Sky. I've found comfort in his soft plushy seats and obnoxiously enormous trunk since the tender age of 6. Our relationship is one that can never be broken!

I'm thankful to have him, despite his breaking body parts. After all, he still has 4 tires and is running! (Literally, he is running in the parking lot outside...)

Everyone have a great, safe, breakdown-free, accident-free week.

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