Saturday, December 5, 2009

dear santa,

This is what I would want for Christmas if the world were perfect.
Note: not in any specific order.

1. ALL A'S. I think this speaks for itself.

2. Respect for life. Love for all babies, everywhere.

Did you swoon when you looked at that baby? So adorable.

3. A library like Belle's.

Yeah. English major's ultimate dream.

4. For everyone to laugh like this, every day.

5. Pick one, Santa:
Disney annual pass;
all the music from the parks straight to my iTunes;
or a membership to Club 33.

Oh, for anyone who likes Disney music...go here. You will be astonished.
And if you don't like Disney music, go there. You might change your mind.

Good luck if you've got finals this week, everyone.
And shout out to Ms. Kelly. She has her birthday the day after Walt Disney had his, isn't that special?

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