Thursday, April 8, 2010

"living on love, buying on time, without somebody nothin' ain't worth a dime."

Oh, if only money grew on trees. If only.

So, money is a pretty important thing. No, it's not more important than love, or being truly happy, etc. But financial security is pretty crucial to not being so stressed out that you forget to enjoy life. I don't really worry about money much - yet - because I still live with my parents, and because I am blessed with an excellent job for anyone in this economy, let alone a college student. (I won't say how much I make, but I am probably making more now than I will when I'm a teacher.)

However, sometimes I forget how lucky I am. Sometimes I complain because my car is from 1996 and therefore tends to need a lot of work/parts. I complain because I burn so much gas commuting to Baton Rouge. I complain because my boyfriend can't afford to take me out to nice restaurants every weekend.

Then, I was talking to my parents (who are really amazing people, by the way). They were practically broke for a long time after they were married. But they got through the tough times, and they were happy anyway.

I watched Gone With the Wind today. One of my favorite movies ever, probably because Scarlett is such a trooper. The Yankees take almost everything from her and she still finds a way to get through. That's what real financial desperation is, the Reconstruction era. Scarlett inspires me.

I'm so much luckier than that. Someday, I'll have saved enough money for dinners at cool restaurants and a nice car. Maybe someday, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to buy into DVC! Ya never know. But for now, I'm a college student, and my boyfriend is broke. I can deal. Because at the end of the day, we have this.

Have a good Thursday!


  1. Oh so true!!! I wouldn't trade all the money is this world for my husband (who is the best even though I do nag him more than he would like) beautiful SON who brings so much joy and happiness to my life (even when he is having one of his tantrums) and the health of myself and my family!! The most precious things in life can not have a price tag put upon it. You are so wise to be learning this so young. Once again you make me SUPER proud!! ...and I LOVE this picture of you two! So sweet!

  2. That is such a beautiful picture of you two!


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