Sunday, April 11, 2010

easter in the country

Yeah, I realize I'm a week late on this. It was a busy spring break (and by busy, I mean lazy) so I'm just getting around to this. Anyway, I went with Christian to his grandparents' for Easter Sunday. They live a good two hours away, so I don't get to visit there too often, but they're some of the nicest people ever. Their house is in the country and it's really pretty.

(All pictures were stolen from Ms. Stacy's Facebook. Thanks, Aunt Stacy!)

Christian's parents, Mr. Sam and Mrs. Stephanie; his grandparents, Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Steve; his Uncle Brian and Aunt Rachel; and his Aunt Stacy.

Mr. Brian, his son Nick, and Mr. Steve barbecuing for us:

Christian's cousin Hailey with her adorable niece, Abby:

My best friend (and Christian's sister) Coryn, with her boyfriend Harold:

Chrusie :)

And the best picture ever taken in the history of the world:

See why I love this family so much? I call them my Cullens. Except I don't have to worry about them eating me. Which is cool, I guess.

We played with Abby, swung outside, rode around on the Mule (which is like a golf cart on steroids. They call me a city girl, because I had no clue what it was), ate lots of amazing food, and just hung out. It was a super nice day! Hopefully I can visit again sometime soon.

Hope everyone's having a good Sunday!


  1. You are a city girl, madame. :)
    I'm glad you had fun! And that is the best picture ever taken in the history of the world! (Tank really adds to it!)

  2. I think that really IS the cutest picture in history!! ...and Coryn I was thinking the "exact" same thing.....Tank made the picture...LOL! (he's the 1st thing Tony noticed)


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